CFA  Champion

Simona looks and acts like a kitten. She loves to play with teasers and fetches small toys and hair ties. When she done playing she brings her “prey” to our cats’ food bowl – “provides” for the family.  Simona is a humble cat.  She will not ask for attention, but appreciates it very much. She will tell you everything!  All you need to do is ask. "My boys literaly fight over her: they love to hold her and play with her! (Lisa Bunce, Simona's owner)."

CH Bon Marché L'il Magnum

Ch Sim-Sam's Magnum of Butler Manor

GC Alkim Man of Distinction of Sim-Sam

Sable male

GC Alkim Moonraker
GC Sim-Sam's Brown Sugar of Alkim
Sim-Sam's Hooker Heaven

Sable female

GC Alkim Man of Distinction of Sim-Sam
Sim-Sam's Salome

Ch Bon Marché Naughty Marietta

Starstrutter's Amore of Bon Marché

Sable male

Ch Starstrutter's Once In a Blue Moon

Ch Ishta's Aphrodite of Bon Marché

Ch Netsuke Suzette of Bon Marché

CH Jazpaws Loki of Netsuke
Ch GP Netsuke Kyla of Menehunes
Ch Evita's Jordan of Burma Charm
Ch Evita's Apollo
Sable (bur n - 27)

GC Jeske's Rising Sun of Tojay
Sable (bur n - 27)
Ch Jeske's Thunderbird of Allura 
Jeske's Sweet Melodie of Allura 
Vindouro's Angel's Halo of Evita
Champagne (bur b - 27b)

Ch GP Laki's Meet Joe Black of Ringapurr 
GC BW Laki's Angelica of Vindouro 
GC Laki's Ashlynne of Evita
Sable (bur n - 27)
Ch GP Laki's Meet Joe Black of Ringapurr
Sable (bur n - 27)
Ch GP Laki's Sojourner of Codicat 
GC Gray Mark's Annie Oakley of Codicat 
Ch GP DM Laki's Brown Sugar
Sable (bur n - 27)
GC Shaineh Gideon of Laki 
Ch GP DM Laki's Proud Mary