All you need for counting your cat grand points is the show count and a forrmula. At each show, the master clerk will announce and/or post the unofficial show count for the exhibitors. The show count is the number of entries into longhair kittens, shorthair kittens, total kittens, longhair championship, shorthair championship, total championship, longhair Champions, shorthair Champions, total Champions, longhair premiership, shorthair premiership, total premiership, longhair Premiers, shorthair Premiers, and total Premiers. In many show catalogs, there is a page with those categories listed so you can fill in the blanks.

Show points are those earned for for Best of Breed/Division ribbons (in Championship competition only) and finals. These points count towards regional and national placements. Grand points are those that earned by cats titled as Champion or Premier, and count only towards the attainment of the title of Grand Champion and Grand Premier.

In CFA competition, adult is a whole purebred cat over the age of eight months who competes in the Championship competitive category.

An alter is a spayed or neutered purebred cat over the age of eight months who competes in the Premiership competitive category.

A kitten is a purebred kitten between the ages of 4 months and 8 months who competes in the Kitten class of the Non-Championship competitive category.

Mixed-breed cats may compete in the Household Pet (HHP) competition.

A Champion cat collects grand points based on how many other Champions it defeats. Grand points are given in breed/division judging, purple ribbons, and in finals.

Burmese cats  divided in two divisions, Dilute and Sable. Each division gets its own awards.

Best Champion of Breed/Division (purple ribbon) receives one point for every benched Champion of that breed/division that it defeats in a ring. For example, if there are five Champion Sable Burmese, the one got Best Champion in a ring's Burmese breed judging, receives four Grand points.

If a Champion gets a rosette of any kind during a finals, the cat is awarded grand points.

A cat receives only the points from whichever award has the highest point value in a ring. A cat who wins Best Champion of Breed/Division and Best Allbreed Champion for the ring will receive only the points from the Best Allbreed Champion rosette, as it is worth the most points. All grand points are rounded to the nearest whole number.

In premiership competition cats get Grand points from finals only.

A Champion becomes a Grand Champion by accumulating 200 grand points, and a Premier becomes a Grand Premier by accumulating 75 grand points from at least three different judges, and a Grand Champion must have been in at least one final.

Grand points could be collected during cats life time. If the cat is altered, it has to start showing in open class in premiership competition.

A Best of Breed/Division cat receives one point for every benched cat defeated in the breed. Second Best of Breed/Division gets 95% of those points and so on like it shows below:

  Best Cat = total benched championship entry minus one
   2nd Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .95 (95%)
   3rd Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .90 (90%)
   4th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .85 (85%)
   5th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .80 (80%)
   6th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .75 (75%)
   7th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .70 (70%)
   8th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .65 (65%)
   9th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .60 (60%)
  10th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .55 (55%)

For shows with over 100 kittens, 150 champions or 75 Premiership cats entered, awards are given to 11th-15th Best and are scored as  following:

   11th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .50 (50%)
   12th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .45 (45%)
   13th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .40 (40%)
   14th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .35 (35%)
   15th Best Cat points = Best Cat points x .30 (30%)

At the end of each show season, CFA gives awards to its top scoring cats. The national Best of Breed/Division and Second Best of Breed/Division cats earn a plaque and the Best of Breed Cat gets to add BW (Breed Winner) to its name. The national Best of Color and Second Best of Color ribbons are awarded in each division.

The most valuable award is a National Winner.

Each of the eight CFA Regions gets its regional winners for Dilute and Sable division. CFA also honors its Best Cat, Best Kitten, and Best Cat in Premiership in the Hawaii and International divisions.

Scoring for the national and regional awards is based on the best 100 rings for Championship cats and Premiership cats, and the top 40 rings for kittens.

All the points counted towards national and regional awards come solely from show points, and that grand points are accredited solely towards the Grand Champion or Grand Premier titles. A cat who receives a Best Allbreed Champion in a ring does not receive any show points towards those national or regional awards unless it also wins a breed ribbon or a Best Cat - Tenth (or Fifteenth, if applicable) Best Cat finals award.

If you want to check your cat's Grand, National or Regional points, you can go to CFA Herman Online and  check.